Wind Energy

Wind energy is also known as wind power and it is used to generate electricity. It is also form of solar energy. There turbines convert the kinetic energy into mechanical power and generator convert mechanical power into electricity. Wind energy is a renewable energy source which has smaller impact on the environment. Wind power is a source which cannot be dispatched on demand. Wind energy is also the kinetic energy of air in motion. It moves the air across the surface of the earth.

Importance of wind energy

Wind energy is a renewable energy source . This source produce energy which has fewer effects on the environment . By wind turbines there is no any effects of air and water pollution and they don’t need water for cooling. It also reduce the amount of electricity generation from fossil fules ,from this we get results in lower air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Group of wind turbines also called as wind farms, which are located open land or on mountain ridges and the ocean.

Advantages of wind energy

Wind energy has many advantages because it is one of the most fastest growing energy source in the world. Wind energy is a cost effective because about utility scale wind is one of the lowest priced energy source which is available today at costing 1 to 2 cents per kilowatt hour. From wind farms electricity is sold at a fixed price from long period of time. Most important of wind energy thing is that its fuel is free from which wind energy mitigates the price.

Wind energy is one of the energy which creates jobs. In America wind turbine technician is one of the fastest growing American jobs. Wind has the potential to support more than 600,000 jobs in manufacturing ,supporting services by 2050,maintenance, etc. by wind vision report.

Wind energy is a clean fuel source because it doesn’t pollute the air like power plants which are rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas ,nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide which cause human health problems and economic damages.

Disadvantages of wind energy

Wind energy has most of disadvantages which are harmful to environment and human health.

Wind energy causes noise and visual pollution which is the one of the biggest downsides of wind energy. When blades are rotating it can be noisy when operating.

Wind turbines have some negative impacts on their surrounding, environment because wind turbines blades are very large and rotate at high speeds which are harm to species that fly in air, their blades also can kill birds and bats. Wind turbines are still very expensive.

Facts of wind energy

Wind energy is one the energy sources which has been in use since 200 BC. Wind power has a huge potential and growing fast in recent years.

Wind turbines take kinetic energy and convert it into mechanical energy then the generators convert that mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Windmills are also in use since 200 BC and were first developed in Persia. This wind energy or wind power is also useful for farmers that they use wind power to pump water and for grinding grains.