There are number of issues threating our biodiversity from climate change to invasive species.
1)Climate change, climate is a major factor in distribution of species across the globe. climate changes force them to adjust, but many are unable to cope, causing them to die.
2)deforestation & habitat loss, deforestation is a direct cause of extinction and loss of biodiversity.Tropical rain forest such as the Amazon hold high percentage, yet the regions are in decline to humans.
3) Overexploitation, overhunting over fishing and overharvesting contribute greatly to loss of biodiversity.
4) invasive species, the introduction of nonnative species into an ecosystem can threaten endemic wildlife affect human health and upset economies.
5)pollution, pollutions have the potential to influence species habit. Acid rain can affect species by changing breeding and feeding habits.

Biodiversity conservation is management and protection to obtain resources for sustainable development.

1)Preserve diversity of species.
2)sustainable utilization of species and ecosystem.
3)maintaining life supporting system