Technology and nature have always stood opposite of each other. When one goes up the other goes down.

Talking about the period from 1760 to 1820 when the industrial revolution began with the help of technology, the world has seen drastic changes in ecology since then. Although technology has been helping us out since that Era till today from the commercial or economic point of view but everything comes with a cost and technology is no different.It comes to us at the cost of our precious natural resources in which some are depleting at a very fast pace, some have already gone extinct and some are about to end their life.Wide usage of technology causes a great threat to the environment in the form of various types of pollution that have been generated due to large scale commercialization of technology.

But Before moving on further we should know the meaning of natural resources.

Natural resources are a composite of everything that is made available by our mother nature on the planet earth. Examples of natural resources include: air,
water, sunlight, plants, animals, fossil fuels, metals etc.

What do you think is the meaning of technology? Does it really mean to negatively impact our environment, climate, human and animal health or else it has a different meaning.Let’s check this out.

Technology is basically application of scientific knowledge in the practical human world to accomplish any task more efficiently.Does it really sound to have a negative impact on anything? The answer is a big “No”.

Yes you heard that right, technology was never meant to be used the way, we are using it nowadays. Its application depends on the thought with which it has been created.For e.g. Invention of medical equipment or machines used to diagnose any disease was meant to save human life while missiles and nuclear weapons are always
meant for destruction. Nobody could justify that.So you might have got an idea that technology doesn’t harm anyone its’ the motive behind that technology which makes it worse.

Now moving on to our topic of concern –“how could technologies be used in preserving natural resources?”

From the discussion we have had in the above paras we can now come to a conclusion that it is not only technology that needs to be blamed, it is the thought
process behind it which needs to be changed.As of now we are living in an Era where many children, youth, NGOs, social groups, volunteer organizations, governments, international organizations and even nations of the world have come forward and shown their concerns towards increasing levels of pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, disturbed and extinct wildlife and ecology etc.

Now innovations across the world have been taking place to save and to make our planet healthy.Things have started to change with the help of new technology
known as “Environment technology”. With the help of this technology we could contribute to conserve our natural environment and resources.Recent technological innovations have proved this thing right that technology along with innovation could help in overall growth and development of human
and climate as well.

Listed below are examples how technologies are used in preserving our natural resources:


Green energy also known as clean energy is the energy produced by using renewable sources of nature for e.g. sunlight, wind, tidal etc.India has greater potential of Renewable sources of energy because of its geographical location on the Tropic of cancer. It has emerged as a leading producer of solar energy by achieving rank 3rd among countries that produce most of the solar energy.

With the use of this technology our dependence on fossil fuels would drastically come down and we would be able to lower down the levels of pollution as well.


Electric vehicles have also emerged as a new advanced sector of technology that doesn’t harm the environment instead it runs with the environment.

As electric vehicles run on rechargeable batteries they are designed to combat automobile pollution and save energy (fossil fuels). With the help of this technology we would be able to reduce harm that we had caused to the environment.


With the help of smart technological innovations smart equipment, tools,machinery, buildings and even houses are made, to check unnecessary wastage and outflow of energy.

These technologies are used in smart lighting also, when there is nobody in the room these lights automatically switch themselves off saving energy.Smart home technology uses IOT i.e. internet of things as a medium to track and control usage of devices such as smart lights, ACs, cooling and heating systems of houses, smart sensing systems in buildings etc. on a real time basis and ensure minimum or no wastage. These devices can be adjusted with the help of IOT which is in turn connected by them with the help of Bluetooth, WiFi etc.


Smart collars being recent innovations are widely useful in tracking movements of wild animals such as tiger, bear, elephants and other endangered species.

These species are always in danger due to demand of their highly valued body parts such as teeth, hides etc. in the international markets .They are always in the
sight of poachers, but thanks to smart collars with the help of them forest rangers could now keep a track record of their movements and analyze and take action on the basis of data in case of any casualty.


AI is the need of the coming future.

Innovators across the world are of the belief that this technology could protect our natural resources. It would help transform the practices we are using today
which causes great threat to our natural resources into practices of advanced methods of farming which includes lowering water consumption, lowering pesticides, increasing per yield production irrespective of small size of agricultural land, usage of advance agricultural practices such as smart drip system, smart
monitoring system etc.It will also be used to develop biodegradable replacement of plastic.

– Content By Gargi Sharma