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Our environment is where we live. There must be some harmony between the nature and human beings. The nature has given so many important things to us and which is free of cost but we human sometimes become so greedy that we started overexploiting and hence harming our nature.

Green world concerns with the environmental damage and it’s motive is to spread awareness among the people about the importance of green world.


Green world is used to promote importance of natural resources in the life of living being and how its deficiency can affect the livelihood of all the living species on earth. Our environment is providing everything from clothing, food to shelter and in exchange it only demand to show some respect and  don’t overexploit the natural resources.


The main aim of green world is

1.To reduce pollution

2.To Conserve natural resources

3.To Reduce consumption of natural resources

4.To maintain ecological balance



Environmental degradation is defined as any undesirable change in the environment. It occurs when the natural resources are depleted such as air, water and soil; habitat destruction; pollution; damage of ecosystem and extinction of wildlife.


There are some of the reasons for environmental degradation-


Degradation of water quality by dumping waste into the water sources and also disposing excessive amount of industrial waste into the river. This also lead to eutrophication and ultimately dryness of water sources.

Causes –

  • Disposing Industrial waste in rivers without treatment
  • Mining activities
  • Throwing sewage waste
  • Accidental oil leakage
  • Global warming
  • Marine dumping
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Leakage from landfills

Degradation of soil quality by the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in the modern farming. Dumping of harmful chemicals in the land also effect the soil.

Causes –

  • Deforestation
  • Desertification
  • Overgrazing
  • Landslide
  • Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improper farming practices like crop rotation
  • Deposition of harmful waste
  • Leakage from landfills

Degradation of air quality by the emission of harmful gases through vehicles and industries. Depletion of ozone layer is also by these gases.

Causes –

  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Exhaust gas from industries
  • Burning of forest
  • Transportation
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Agricultural activities
  • Open burning of garbage waste




1.Green world helps in saving the rainforest and preserve the habitat of many species thus inhibit the extinction of them. As there are total 8.7 million species on earth from which 3 million species are identified from rainforest, so rainforest is the rich source of species.

2.Green world helps in conserving non-renewable energy like coal, oil, natural gas, fuel by reducing its consumption. The replacement of these energy is renewable energy like sunlight, wind, water which does not harm the environment.

3.Green world helps in decreasing the number of pollutants by promoting eco-friendly vehicles or green mode of transportation. The vehicles which used fossil fuel like petrol releases carbon dioxide which causes global warming hence its necessary to decrease the consumption level of these harmful gases.

4.Green world prevents deforestation hence helps in purifying the air in which living being breath. Thus, helps in making human being healthy.


‘’Don’t be greedy its time to be greeny’’



All living beings are the part of environment and our environment offers everything so it’s our responsibility to take care of the environment.


Some of the responsibilities are listed below;


1.By stopping deforestation activities – stopping deforestation is the crucial step to save our environment as trees are the habitat of various species and it also purifies the air and release oxygen.

2.By reducing our consumption level – by saving electricity, water, food, and fuel etc. we can save our resources and inhibit its depletion in near future.

3.By avoiding plastics – as plastic does not decompose easily and it remain in the environment causing plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is the big environmental problem, so for this we have to avoid using plastic and go for the reusable bags or eco-friendly bags.

4.By adopting reuse, reduce and recycling methods – it is the great way to decrease our consumption level. It also helps in reducing waste.

5.By imposing strict government laws – government should impose high taxes for the activities that harm our nature.

6.By giving punishment for illegal dumping – there should be high fines for illegal dumping to reduce the harmful effects on nature.


‘’Let’s go green as it makes our earth clean’’



February 2 – world wetland day

February 28 – national science day

March 21 – world forestry day

 March 22 – world water day

March 23 – world meteorological day

April 7 – world health day

April 18 – world Heritage day

April 22 – earth day

June 5 – world environment day


July 11 – world population day

September 16 – world ozone day

September 28 – green consumer day

October 3 – world habitat day

October 1-7 – world wildlife week

October 4 – world animal welfare day

October 13 – international day for natural disaster reduction


Looking towards the present scenario, saving our environment becomes more important. We started facing the signs of destruction like harsh weather, increased in carbon dioxide emissions, melting glaciers, ozone layer depletion, health problems like pneumonia and asthma due to air pollution, loss of biodiversity and many more. This all signified that we need to take immediate action or the condition will become worst. Let us all do what we can to save our environment and preserve our resources for future generation.