Collecting from natural seed fall is the simplest way to collect seed. It does not require skilled labor. Collection from natural seed fall is suitable for trees with large fruits, pods, and seeds. When we collect seed and sow a healthy seed we avoid spraying pesticides that are necessary for over-bred, highly-strung varieties of fruits and vegetables. Renewable itself defines as something which can be renewed i.e. refresh or remade from existing. So something which keeps on going and replenishes itself is called a renewable energy, such as energy generated from tides, waves, winds are few of the examples. Collecting seeds is not only easy but also it saves time and efforts.


Importance of quality seed

  • Seed is a vital input in crop production 

  • The seed required for raising crop is quite small and its cost is so less compared to other inputs 

  • This emphasis the need for increasing the areas under quality seed production 

  • It is estimated that good quality seeds to improved varieties can contribute about 20-25% increase in yield












Benefits of using quality seeds

  • They are genetically pure

  • The good quality seed has high return per unit area as the genetic potentially of the crop can be fully exploited

  • Less infestation of land with weed seed /other crop seeds

  • Less disease and insect problem

  • Minimization of seed/seedling rate and uniform emergence of seedling

  • The quality seed respond well to the applied fertilizers and nutrients

  • Uniform in plant population and maturity

  • High produce value and their marketability

  • Good seed prolongs life of a variety