When the environmentalists crowd on the streets and march chanting slogans advocating change,there lies a reason behind it. There lies a strong, disturbing yet neglected reason which needs its due consideration. The increasing temperature at places where once fans were not even required during summers or the recurring floods which cause much harm to life and property or the discovery of new respiratory, gastrointestinal or skin diseases; are nothing but reasons or issues which environmentalists acknowledge and create awareness about.
Global Warming, the term in vogue for years now, refers to the increasing temperature of the atmosphere on earth, primarily due to pollution. It was once a necessity because earth was a place too cold to survive in. Sadly, today it has become a major problem for life on earth.
Pollution refers to the contamination of any kind of natural resource essential to humans and wildlife. These resources are air, water, soil and nature, as a whole. Major types of Pollution are as follows-

1.      Air Pollution
2.      Water Pollution
3.      Soil Pollution
4.      Noise Pollution
5.      Radioactive Pollution
6.      Solid Waste Pollution


Air Pollution leads to Global Warming. Scientists and Researchers speculate an apocalypse type situation if Air Pollution levels are not checked and important measures are not taken. Increasing number of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases is nothing but a cause of Air Pollution. People who are most vulnerable to these diseases are children and old age people.Not only humans, but animals also suffer from the devastating effects of Air Pollution like birth defects and reproductive failures.

Cancer, a rare disease, is not rare anymore. With the development in medical science which has made cancer a curable disease, the number of people suffering with the disease has also increased.

Different kinds of new infectious skin diseases are discovered. Some of these can be treated while the treatment process of others is still undertaken. These new infectious diseases owe their origin to pollution.

Acid Rain has become common these days which becomes a carrier of many new skin infections.It also affects the flora and acidifies the soil leading to crop failure at some places. 

 Ozone layer which protects the world from harmful ultraviolet rays is depleting because of increasing emission of hydrochlorofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons and other gases.Ultraviolet Rays are hazardous to life on earth and its depletion is nothing but a sign of a catastrophe.


Modern day Scientists and Researchers consider Water Pollution as the most harmful among all types of pollution. ‘Minamata Disease’ discovered in the year 1956 was a kind of epidemic spread in the city of Minamata in Japan. The industrial waste had high levels of Methyl mercury,which was discharged into water bodies. The water of these water bodies was later consumed by the people living in the city. Over a period of more than 30 years a lot of patients suffering from the disease showed symptoms of abnormal neurological functioning of the body and memory loss.

Consumption of water contaminated with harmful pollutants and untreated waste leads to Diarrhea, Typhoid, Pneumonia and other water borne diseases.Eutrophication refers to “the gradual increase in the concentration of phosphorus, nitrogen and other plant nutrients in an aging aquatic ecosystem such as a lake”. This disrupts the functioning of the entire ecosystem by increasing water precipitation and reducing water clarity.

Pollution of the holy river in India, the Ganges is a matter of concern. Ganges is the sixth most polluted river in the world. It has a serious effect on marine diversity in India. The Ganges River Shark is a critically endangered species, while the Ganges Dolphin comes in the list of endangered species. 


Soil Pollution refers to the contamination of soil by chemicals and other synthetic substances. It makes the soil unfit for agricultural purposes. With an increasing population, the scarcity of food does not seem distant, but it does seem horrifying.Soil Pollution has a major impact on flora and fauna. The damage caused to flora leads to its complete disappearance, while the consumption of contaminated flora by grazing animals leads to severe diseases in their bodies. The consumption of herbivores by carnivores transfers the DNA of diseases causing much harm to the entire wildlife.

When human beings consume fruits, vegetables and other eatables grown on corroded lands, it harms their different organ systems leading to fatal diseases like the depression of the Central Nervous System (CNS) sometimes. The short terms effects of soil pollution on human beings are nausea, vomiting, headache, coughing, weakness and irritation in skin and eyes.


Noise Pollution is the most neglected and underestimated form of pollution. Any sound above the range of 80-85 decibels causes harm to the ears.

Increasing cases of depression, anxiety, headache etc are the causes of Noise Pollution. Hearing loss is a major issue common among young people these days. Sleeping disorder among people owes to excess use to technology as well as excessive amount of noise in the environment.Eventually, this leads to hypertension or high blood pressure (High BP).

About 15-20% people are affected by Tinnitus these days. It is a disease in which a person hears ringing sounds continuously in both the ears; however other people cannot hear that sound.Submarines and oil tankers in the oceans cause a lot of noise often leading to the death of marine animals.


Pollution is termed as ‘modern day monster’ because of its devastating effects on the environment. It does not only cause much pain to our mother Earth but is gradually making life difficult for humans and wildlife. If necessary measures are not taken to control pollution,disaster is not something distant.

– Content By Aneela Imam