The need for plantation is increasing day by day because of the growing pollution in the environment . the quality of air is diminishing & getting bad day by day, which is also harmful to our body, that is why people are suffering from so many diseases. So, everyone knows the importance of trees, it is a natural source of oxygen without trees our life is not possible on earth. But human beings are cutting trees & harming nature that is why we face floods many times in a year. The plantation also gives us food. So if the plantation is so important for us then why we are harming this? Why we are not
planting trees?
If every single person plant a single tree then there can be so many trees & it can save us from pollution, from floods & we can also get fresh fruits & vegetables.

                                                          Why Join Us?

We are the ones to bring a change since the world is on the front of battling various other problems, we decided to hold onto this one. One does not need to put a lot of money to go green but simple changes in daily lifestyle are all that is required to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Since everyone has the capacity to bring a change let’s bring a change, join us so that we can work holding hands in the fight to save the world.