Green technology refers to a type of technology which is environment friendly intended to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment, thereby using pollution free innovative practices to bring positive transformations in our day- to-day lives. It involves foddering the stipulations of the mankind without depleting the natural resources and preserving it for our future generations , contributing to sustainable development. This green frame acting as an umbrella incorporates technology that doesn’t harm the environmental components but conserve nature by offering a broad range of benefits for a clean and greener
human lifestyle. It ensures that the earth remains healthy for all life currently as well as concerned for the future generations too.Soil remediation methods, solar panels etc comes under the phenomenon of green technology.

The Objectives of Green Technology

1) To bring revolution in the production pattern for overall reduction of waste and pollution.

2) Invention of reusable or recyclable products

3) Providing with different alternatives to those projects or practices that has adverse impact on the environment and human lives.

4) Promotes conservative usage of natural resources.

5) To protect the environment by healing past damages done to the environment.

Scope of Green Technology

The main areas where green technology can be harnessed to its maximum extent includes energy production, sewage treatment, eco friendly buildings, green chemistry etc .This inturn plays a vital role in maintaining ecological balance, preventing global warming, green house effects and ozone layer depletion. Waste management undergoing green technology makes the water less polluted by treating the industrial effluents properly before draining into water bodies. The recycled water can be utilized for various other domestic purposes.

1) Recycling
It involves reusing of the used material in a more efficient way ,so, that we don’t need to exploit the new resources of the nature to mitigate the future demands of the mankind. For instance, nowadays, rare earth minerals are recycled and used in cell phones, and other high end electronic gadgets.Similarly, aluminium cannes can be used in other ways. Japan has emerged as pioneer in the field of harnessing recycled earth metal in fluorescent lights too.

2) Water Purification
Green technology can be utilized in the purification of water.Through these campaigns, clean and pure water was provided topeople across the regions.

3) Air Purification
Emission of excessive Carbon content in the atmosphere is reduced with the advancement in green technology thereby availing pure air which allows the people with the right to breathe pure and fresh air.

4) Solar panels
Solar panels work on RV that provide power when dry camping or solar panel reduces energy bills. With solar panels, we don’t have the power when the sun goes down unless we managed to charge up batteries during the day.

5) Green energy production
It encompasses the creation of energy from new sources utilising innovative methodologies making the energy more efficient. It involves provision of alternative sources of energy to reduce the usage and exploitation of fossil fuels which are hazardous to the environment.

6) Rejuvenation of ecosystems
Green technology also aids in ensuring that the effected ecosystem is able to initiate again and remain preserved. Through the usage of green technology, afforestation is practised on a wide scale, industrial waste management is carried out and much more.

7) Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are installed in areas even when there’s low level of solar radiation. They run day and night with a limited operational life.

8) Solar Heating
Solar hot water heaters utilitie the sun’s energy to provide energy for heating up the water without using electricity or natural gas. It is bnkt popularly aware among the youth but it involves the passive usage of green technology.

The Future of Green Technology

It is being expected that the usage of green technology will be incremental in future days. There will be widespread awareness among the youth to rely on products that cause less harm to the mother earth. Nowadays, the governments of various countries are realising the importance of using green technology.
According to Starbucks, North Carolina, the company bought 140,000 acre solar farm which is a huge investment done in green technology. Investors also may choose to support green technology by purchasing of company’s stock that hires for green technology practices. The UN Report also stated that China
became the largest global Investor in the field of green technology with $126 billion invested in the year 2017

The earth needs protection and green technology works completely in aiding the fulfillment of the happiness of the environment which is a great initiative in the field of technology.

– Content By Alka Panda