E-waste or Electronic-waste management is a process that seeks to recover material from electronic waste such that you can use them in new electronic products. The rapid expansion of technology means that a very large amount of e-waste is created every minute. E-waste is a major concern in today’s world. But with proper control and measures,this concern can be reduced. Selling or donating old electronic items instead of discarding them is one of the best and easiest methods for reducing e-waste footprint. Recycling and disposing of e-wastes properly is another method. Recycling old electronics allows the expensive electronic parts inside to be reused. This can save a lot of energy and reduce the need for mining of new raw resources, or manufacturing new parts. Another best way to save money and reduce e-waste is to keep the electronics well-maintained, to increase its life. Repurpose or re- evaluate before upgrading your electronic device as the old device may come handy. Make sure to buy energy star rated electronics. A high Energy Star rated device consumes less energy, reducing your electricity bill significantly. Because less energy is required, it keeps a check on energy depletion by avoiding over-utilization. It indirectly saves the environment by reducing the load on energy extraction and depletion.