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In this pandemic situation, the lockdown has made people realize the way their actions affect the environment. The lockdown led to healthier air quality in the top most polluted cities of the country. Nature provides us with countless blessings.

the mission at Win Global World is to serve nature by protecting the environment and relieving its pain which is a cause of man’s actions.


About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

The money collected in donation is used in various ways :

Funds will be entirely used for protecting nature and environmental causes.

We use this to promote and create awareness about environment and it’s importance through various campaigns and many other ways which helps the environment and our earth by promoting worldwide.

Some causes are listed below:

1. for conducting beach cleaning drives.
2. for conducting waste management campaigns.
3. for buying plants for plantation.
4. for buying safety for cleaning drives.

How our work is helping people and environment?

A tree planted by an individual benefits countless other people; likewise avoiding using a plastic bottle saves the life of at least one aquatic animal. Thus, a step taken by one person can bring considerable changes. Win Green World is facilitating the role of civil society by creating awareness regarding environmental issues. The
researches conducted by the organization helps in policy building. While, the drives and campaigns conducted by the organization rectify the age old mistake i.e. the reckless use of natural resources.

Who are we?

Win Green World in collaboration with Nanjil Anand Foundation, a non­profit organization working for the cause of different relevant issues. Win Green World is a group of individuals enthusiastic about environment and its degradation in the present times. Some of its initiatives are in the field of plantation, waste management, seed collection, and renewable energy usage, beach cleaning drive and cleaning the surroundings.

What do we do?

Win Global World creates awareness regarding issues related to environment, provides solutions to those issues and implements those solutions practically to create a healthier, bracing atmosphere. The aim is to make or Mother Earth last for the coming generations.

Opportunities in win green world

Win Green World is the perfect destination for keen environmentalists. The organization has miscellaneous positions
inviting people from different backgrounds of study and experience with their concern for environment being common.

Our Initiatives


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