Climate change is the main concern nowadays as the industries are developing there is increase in global warming which lead to unnecessary variation in our climate.

The largest driver of warming is the emission of gases that create green house effect in which 90% of carbon dioxide and methane. These gases emit from burning of fossil fuel, deforestation, and agriculture.

Climate change is causing unpredictable variation in weather which make it difficult to grow crop, it also relate with other .

Causes of climate change

According to climate scientist the main cause of climate change is human activities. Humans are releasing so much of green house gases which are responsible for climate change.

There are some of the human activities which lead to climate change;

  • Deforestation – trees and plants help in absorbing carbon dioxide from environment and releasing oxygen. But humans are cutting down the trees which lead to release in carbon which is stored in the trees and contribute in global warming
  • Burning of fossil fuel – when fossil fuels is burned then it releases carbon dioxide in its surrounding which again contribute in global warming.
  • Agriculture practices – organic and inorganic fertilizers both releases nitrous oxide and methane which are green house gases damaging weather events like hurricane, floods, drought and winter storms.

Impacts of climate change

There are many harmful impacts of climate change on our environment. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Increase in sea levels – increase in ocean temperature lead to melting of glaciers and ice all over the world. Melted ice lead to increment in water of oceans which is threatening the life of coastal cities.
  • Extinction of species- there is a high risk of extinction of species because of the climate change. As it is not possible for every species to adapt quickly enough for their survival.
  • Agriculture – climate change is causing unpredictable variation in weather which is impacting the cultivation of crops.
  • Natural disaster – climate change is also responsible for unpredictable events like flood, hurricane, drought and winter storm.

Impact on human health due to climate changes

The change in climate due to human activities has many adverse effects and also in human health. There are many health impacts;

1.Extreme high temperature due to global warming results in cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

2.Due to climate change, rainfall in variable patterns which affect the supply of fresh water. Variation in temperature like rise and fall in temperature and variable precipitation pattern are likely to affect the production of food hence causes malnutrition.

3.Extreme weather leads to change in vector ecology which causes increase in water borne diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis, hantavirus, chikungunya, rift valley fever and many more.

4.The increase in harmful gases in air causes respiratory disorders and asthma like disease.

5.Melting of glaciers results in increase level of sea water which is affecting the coastal life of people in many ways.