Cleanliness is necessary for a health existence dirt invite diseases, we should therefore keep dirt away from us, it can only be done when we along with our clothes houses keep our surroundings clean also surroundings play an important role in our lives our health and wellbeing.

A dirty surrounding predisposes people to diseases that affect the ability to perform activities resulting in less productivity.

Keeping surroundings clean is not only beneficial for one, but will help others to breathe well and  will also indulge themselves to set an example to keep surroundings clean.


Benefits of Cleanliness

  • Cleanliness prevent us from disease.

  • Mosquitoes doesn’t stay in cleanliness.

  • It keeps our surrounding clean.

  • It can reduce cost of maintenance.

  • Cleanliness keeps germs away.

  • Cleaning offers a sense of satisfaction, but may go further by protecting your mental health as well.

  • Cleanliness effect on the expression of people.