India being a mega diversity is also more populated in world.The country harbors 2 out of 35global diversity hotspots 70 percent of worlds flowering plant occur in India.India gets 10 places in world and 4 in Asia.The 10 biographic zones are Himalaya, trans Himalaya, desert semiarid western Ghats, deccan peninsula, gang etic plains, coasts. north east island.


Himalaya includes the entire Indian Himalaya region.Indo Burma includes entire north eastern India except Assam and Andaman group of islands.Western ghats and srilanka includes entire western ghats.Sunda islands include Nico bar group of islands.India is the origin of 166 species of crops plant and 320 species of wild relatives of cultivated crops.Among plant kingdom angiosperms tops the list while gymnosperms are least comprising of 64 species.Among animal kingdom Arthropoda tops while protochordate are the list with only 119 species.

The 35 biodiversity hotspots cover 2.3 percent of earths land surface yet more than 50%of world plant species 42% of all terrestrial vertebrates species are endemic to these areas.Himalaya hotspot is home to important population of numerous mammals.Indo Burma holds remarkable endisms in fresh water turtle species most of which are threatened with exiction due to over harvesting.