Biodiversity refers to variety of species living on earth including plants animals, bacteria and humans.Some areas in world such as areas of Mexico, south Africa,Brazil has more biodiversity than others .Area with extremely high levels of biodiversity is called hotspots.Endemic species found in one particular location are found in hotspots.Biodiversity is the most complex feature, without biodiversity there is no future for humanity.Biodiversity is comprised of several levels starting from genes then individual species than communities of creatures and finally ecosystem.Where life interplays with the physical environment.These myriads interaction have made earth habitable for billions of years.


Genetic diversity: The product of recombination of genetic material in the process of inheritance and changes with time and space.Sexual reproduction is important as it gives unique offspring.Genetic diversity reduces the recurrence of undesirable inheretent traits.Important for healthy population by maintaining different varieties of genes

Species: The number of species and abundance of species living in a particular region.Number of species living in certain location is called species richness.The hottest spot for species is tropical rainforest.Species diversity contributes to ecosystems health.

Ecological diversity: Ecosystem diversity deals with variations of ecosystem within a geographical location and its overall impact on human existence and environment.Ecological diversity is the largest scale of biodiversity within each ecosystem there is great deal of both genetic diversity and speci