Solar energy is powerful source as It can be used to heat homes, cool them and light up businesses.The most commonly used solar energies are solar photovoltaics for electricity, passive Solar design for space heating and cooling and solar water heating.

Photovoltaic system: Composed of one or more panels which are combined with inverter and other mechanical devices which use energy from sun to generate electricity,Vary greatly in sizes.

Passive solar energy: Provides light and harness from sun to warm our homes and business in winter.Passive solar design techniques can be easily applied to new buildings but existed buildings can be adapted.A well designed reduces heating and cooling loads through efficient energy strategies.

Solar water heating: Heating water by sunlight using a solar thermal collector.

The advantages are:
1)Fighting climate change
2)Protecting the water quality
3)Increases home incomes

Solar process heat:Heat systems can generate higher yields systems that provide domestic hot water or space heating.Uses solar heat to cool commercial and industrial buildings.


There are many various ways in which energy is employed within
1) domestic water heating:The functions of these is to heat sanitary water used for domestic purposes Since they are support systems so they allow considerable financial savings

2) sweeping pool heating:Heating water levels below for thermal absorption and radiation

3) crops drying:The quality of crops and products harnesses if the drying is properly carried out The thermal technology effectively assists with drying of such products